Innovation meets growth.

With 112+ Million B2B leads, cutting edge sales, and a multilingual sales team to recruit and manage your sales development and localization efforts, we know that Malqart is what companies are looking for to expand nationally or globally.

For business owners

Looking for the right partners?

If you have a solid product or a service and want to grow your business, all you need is more qualified opportunities, the right people to nurture and close them. Limited budget? no budget? MALQART can help.

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About us

We are Malqart and we are committed to making you win.

Our people make us different—energetic about supporting our clients and partners to exceed their expectations. We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. 

Our Mission

Earn your trust as a client or business partner while making you, and therefore us, more profitable.

Our Values

1. Be open 2. Be fast 3. Be respectful 4. Be bold 5. Be learning 6. Be innovative 7. Be winning

We will help you with four crucial areas.

Welcome to the future of industrial work. Build a brand, increase your access to qualified candidates, and boost retention.



From the necessary technology and design to fundraising. We can handle.


We generate C-level leads and recruit and manage the right salespeople.

Sales Development

Full CRM and sales intelligence services customized for you. Never miss an opportunity.

Closing Deals

You prefer to focus on operation? Let us handle sales from start to finish.

Malqart's ecosystem.

Malqart’s Ecosystem of Solutions is a centralized multi-service platform that ensures you maximize profit while minimizing business risks and cutting unnecessary costs.

Giving Back

Let's create wealth and give back.


How can we earn your business?

We’re eager to partner up. Tell us where you want to take your business, we will provide a free consultation and start building with you.

People Technology Guarantees
We Have Over 3000 Registered Human Resource Portals To Seek out the Best For Your Company.
Networks of our affiliates spreads all over the world inorder to provide a good grip in the Global Human Resource Recruitment System.
We are experienced with all the technology tools your business needs to grow fast.

We can implement sales and marketing automation processes that make your prospecting significantly easier by automating communication and helping you scale without losing the personal touch.

We guarantee results and deliverables through written agreements. 

In addition to being one of the very rare companies that guarantees deliverables in writing, Malqart goes the extra mile and over deliver every single time.

Fun facts

We have achieved great Fun facts.

Passionate Professionals
1 +
Strategic Languages
1 +
1 M
Generated Leads

Transparent pricing, fair costs

We offer the best possible prices and as your business scales from SMB to mid-market to enterprise, our plans keep up with your needs.